Report 2022

Climate 360 was launched in 2021 to drive awareness of the climate change emergency, celebrate climate-smart initiatives and inspire urgent action through an inspirational two-day virtual conference and competition.

The Climate 360 2022 events aim to build on that momentum to help create new opportunities for creative climate change adaptation, innovation and collaboration.

Through Climate 360, Team Europe aims to:

Facilitate exchanges on climate policy options, expertise, success stories and good practices between the European Union and South Africa

Celebrate progress and future-focused thinking on climate change solutions

Provide a platform for thought leadership and new, emerging voices in the climate change space

Executive Summary

Climate 360 2022 amplifies Team Europe’s commitment to promoting progress, future-focused thinking and innovation, and highlights South African champions in the climate change space.

Climate 360 Mpumalanga was the first of three separate high-profile events with one golden thread: shifting the narrative towards collaboration for change.

The event took place at The Ridge Casino in Emalahleni, with a focus on energy and a “just transition” from an economy powered by energy sources that have a high output of greenhouse gas emissions, to one that is powered by renewable energy with low greenhouse gas emissions.

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